Ruolin Su · April 2, 2021

July 19 2022–I pass the Thesis Proposal Defense and become a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Tech.

Aug 2021–One paper is accepted by EMNLP 2021 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

June 2021–I’m awared a Travel Grant of INTERSPEECH 2021 by ISCA.

June 2021–Two papers are accepted to INTERSPEECH 2021 in Brno, Czechia. Please refer to Act-Aware Slot-Value Predicting in Multi-Domain Dialogue State Tracking and A Context-Aware Hierarchical BERT Fusion Network for Multi-Turn Dialog Act Detection.

May 2021–In Summer 2021, I continue my role as a teaching assistant of CS6515 Intro to Graduate Algorithms.

April 2021–I receive the Outstanding ECE GTA Award for working as a teaching assistant for class ECE/CS/ISYE7750 in Fall 2020.

Jan 2021–In Spring 2021, I’m a teaching assistant of CS6515 Intro to Graduate Algorithms.

Aug 2020–In Fall 2021, I’m a head teaching assistant of ECE/CS/ISYE7750 Mathematical Foundation for Machine Learning.

May 2020–I start my summer internship at Tencent America AI Lab, as a research NLP intern working with Dr. Kun Xu.

Jan 2020–I write a review on goal-oriented dialogue models and it’s available on GitHub. Welcome to check!

Nov 2019–The poster our summer work on natural langauge generation for food service is awared the second place on the seminar at The New York Academy of Sciences. [Link]

May 2019–I start NLP research internship at Interactions, LLC, supervised by Dr. John Chen.

Jan 2019–I’m graduate research assistant supervised by Prof. Biing-Hwang Juang.

May 2018–I present our work on customer service automation at SF Technology.

Jan 2018–In Spring 2018, I work as a graduate assistant supervised by Prof. Biing-Hwang Juang.

Oct 2017–I passed ECE Ph.D. Preliminary Examination.

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